Why am I here, writing this blog?

Coming from a broken home, being raised in dysfunctional surrogate set up and growing up through traumatic events, I began showing signs of severe mental health issues in my early teens. Having lived under blind stigma and rampant misdiagnosis and professional malpractice for most of my life, I fortunately found proper professional support and insights aiding my recovery after more than three decades of my life. My tryst with these has now become my passion and concern for the spread of Mental Health Awareness so that million others suffering in silence or without proper medical care may find proper insight, voices of fellow survivors and correct professional support so that they may find complete recovery from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline, dissociation, psychosis, OCD, self-harm, suicidal thoughts or be it any kind of mental struggle.

This blog is dedicated to consistently and accurately spread Mental Health Awareness among its readers, and in turn the larger section of society, with a passion and commitment to support and empower anyone and everyone struggling with any mental health discomfort or disorder to rise above the prevalent unjustified social stigma, boldly break out of a silent closet-suffering, speak up and if required, without a fear or shame of any kind, seek professional help to confidently move towards their holistic mental wellness and personal wholeness.

For together we fight, together survive.

Take care, dear Mind.

© & Author : Nivedita Dey,  2016