A Return Gift for My Lovely Readers – with Thanks Galore!

Last year in May I began my journey of speaking up openly about my mental health issues and blogging about mental health awareness and my personal battle and survival. Ever since so many of you all, my dear readers and/or fellow survivors have been around, reading, interacting, supporting, encouraging and passing on the torch. And I can’t begin to tell how this decision to blog about mental health has changed my life! This May the blog completed a year. And I also can’t thank each one of you, my followers, readers and motivators for making Take Care Dear Mind a success.


And with immense gratitude for the strength and transformation this blog and all of your Love towards it and me brought forth, here’s a return gift – and quite an unexpected one even for myself. It was almost as unexpected as conceiving a second time even before this firstborn could complete its toddling first year. 😀

But this firstborn of a blog had given me such joy and confidence at my metaphoric maternal flare that by this year January I was already ready for the second. Albeit not another ‘blog baby’. But this time to take the cause of Mental Health Awareness one step further, off the virtual-grid-only to both online AND in person and amidst real people, face to face. Thus, this March, the second one was birthed!


Associate Blog as a proud sibling to..



Meet Sojourners’ Cove. An endeavour dedicated to raise Mental Health Awareness through Real, face to face bits with clear four parted objectives.

A. To raise awareness about mental health and mental disorders among people around us – by conducting Real, face to face Awareness Drives.

(The awareness drive initiative of Sojourner’s Cove, named “The Green Hour”, kicked off in the mental health awareness month of May this year, with cohosts The Cafe Store and Innerwheel Club of MGM, in Kolkata, India.)



B. To encourage and support survivors to open up and seek professional help, as and when needed, and to conduct varied related survivors support/skill development workshops.

C. To create a cross-country (pan-India) directory of trustworthy and committed professional mental health experts who survivors can be put in touch with whenever anyone enquires for the same.

(The prevalent treatment gap between silent survivors and the serious confusion of “I got no idea who to safely seek help from” was getting a bit upsetting for me as I myself  have experienced decades of misdiagnosis and even (unfortunately) brazen unprofessionalism and malpractice by so called mental health “professionals”. Hence this felt a sheer necessity. The said pan-India directory of licensed mainstream mental health professionals, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and other alternative/holistic wellness centres is readily available, if anyone wishes to use it. Just write in!)

D. To run a quarterly e-magazine entirely dedicated to mental health, with real life survivors and mental health professionals writing/contributing to the content.

(I can’t even begin to thank the core team and honorary contributors enough, who made this issue possible. Immense gratitude to mental health professionals/psychotherapists/ counselors who wrote for this issue, such as Dr. Sangbarta Chattopadhyay, Yuvraj Kapadia, Namrata Chattaraj, Shubhika Singh, Sushmitha Philipose, photographers and artists such as Girbban Paul, Gunjan Chowdhary aka Mad Hermit, Amartya Dutta at Ornaate and many more, besides of course, Yours Truly.)

And that’s the bonus, a Free Return Gift here for all my lovely followers and readers..! 🙂

The Inaugural Issue of ‘Carrot Seeds’, a quarterly magazine on Mental Health –


Please get a FREE DOWNLOAD here, of your copy of the magazine! 🙂

Read. Reshare. Pass it on. It’s a Gift of Love. And absolutely free.

Also, the Sojourners’ Cove official YouTube channel is up and running, in case you wanted to drop in and take a listen to my (wise :D) rantings and drop a hello by.


images (26).jpg

You could also drop by to meet the newborn and say hello to us on Facebook or you could also tweet some Love to the not-yet-a-toddler on Twitter. The baby’s already crawling everywhere I guess. Quite a handful for a horribly introverted and mental health survivor mom, no denying!

Also, as always, I would love to hear any feedback, suggestion or further comments on the magazine too, and if you enjoyed the Inaugural issue of Carrot Seeds and if and how you want us to make it more “crunchy” in the next issue.

As always, am sending you all much Love and Light for your health and recovery and mastery at taking care of your precious little (and mighty) dear minds.


Author/ Blog Owner/ Founder at Sojourners’ Cove : Nivedita Dey ©

All images (except baby stockshots) courtesy and copyright : Sojourners’ Cove ©, 2017 and blog associate Take Care Dear Mind © (at WordPress.com)


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