Quit Multitasking! Guest Article, Yours Truly


Mindfulness is a vital and powerful tool to train and control the Mind. To watch the Mind and be aware and attentive to every Present moment at hand not only calms down the Mind from excessive clamour and hopscotch jump but it also opens up amazing new dimensions in even the apparently most mundane of things. I have practised it, been stunned by the result and only then I am vouching for it.

I shall very soon be doing a writeup on Mindfulness in detail but for now here’s my Guest article on the lovely author and teacher Aurore Mourette’s website – on quitting Multitasking and doing One thing at a Time.


Aurore is an inspirational author, teacher, motivator promoting holistic living, happiness, spirituality and sustainability through her website. To come together to collaborate by contributing this guest article was both my pleasure and honour.


We need more and more people working towards managing the Mind in a holistic manner to bring healing to our much hurting world struggling with Mind issues.

Take care, dear Mind.

© & Author : Nivedita Dey, 2016


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